Service of your FoxPro application

FoxPro is a programming language with a fast database and has been used for many years for developing desktop applications. By now it has come into age but many FoxPro applications are still up and running with great success. Yet increasingly less developers are available who are able to support FoxPro applications.

We have been working with FoxPro for many years, developed many FoxPro applications ourselves and gave FoxPro training.

We will be happy to take over maintenance and further development of your FoxPro application. We are specifically experienced with below versions of FoPro.

  • VFP 9
  • VFP 8
  • VFP 7
  • VFP 6
  • VFP 5
  • VFP 3 (the first objectoriented FoxPro version)
  • FP 2.6 Windows
  • FP 2.6 DOS
  • FP 2.5 Windows
  • FP 2.5 DOS
  • FP 2.0 DOS

We can port your older FoxPro versions to the current version of Visual FoxPro, which is VFP 9. Functionality will be fully maintained but your application will now be compatible with the latest versions of Windows. Upgrading additionally offers possibilities to add up-to-date functionalities to your application. If you want, we can hone the user interface, too, and improve it’s handling and look.

Additional to FoxPro we are also experienced with so-called frameworks that are being used to facilitate FoxPro development, specifically with VFX and The Lib.

Please contact us – we will service your application and bring it up to speed making it fit for future challenges!

The only requirement: you have to own the source code of your application and you need to have access to it.